Are you in your element?




It's been said that self understanding is the key to success both in work and personal relationships so a great place to begin to ensure you're in your element would be to understand more about your own communication style, strengths and motivations to make sure the future has more of what you want and less of what you don't.

Diversity is something which is really important in our society and millions of pounds are poured into training on issues of age, gender, ethnicity and religion yet it seems that with all the talk of diversity, one important area is overlooked, differences in personality – the one area that affects every single one of us.

Way back as far as 460 BC, this was big business. Hippocrates realised that people could be identified into four specific groups to describe them and what Hippocrates began is the basis of much of what is used today in the many of the different communication tools which are available.


In Your Element uses the natural elements of Fire, Wind, Earth and Water to help determine both individual and team strengths and challenges that affect everything from career choice to daily "to do" lists. We choose to act on what we value, and each element type values very different things.


The four elements


Fire personality types thrive on challenge and choice. They are decisive and assertive and bring light into situations. They radiate passion for their goals and have a 'can do' attitude

Wind personality types thrive on change and variety. They have lots of creative ideas and bring energy and excitement wherever they are. They are uplfting and positive and can see the big picture


Earth personality types thrive on order and structure. They are grounded and solid and understand the gravity of each situation. They support and grow the plane and ideas of others

Water personality types thrive on harmony and stability. They can help dilute conflict and cleanse difficult situations, understanding the importance of being flexible


Are you a fiery trailblazer or a down to earth perfectionist? Do still waters run deep or are you, like the wind rushing here there and everywhere? Using the elements in their natural form to describe the different personalities makes perfect sense as each of us is made up of the water of cells, the earth of calcium, the fire of synapses and the breath of life. This comparison with the elements is a fun and inspiring way to help appreciate and understand ourselves and the 'teams' we live and work in. It transforms relationships at home, work, school and in social settings.

We work with everyone! Whatever your age or situation we believe our coaching and training has the potential to transform your future.