Elemental Education

Every child is born with their own unique temperament which develops as they grow. Family, friends and teachers will probably be describing them in a specific way, ‘she’s always smiling’; ‘he’s very quiet’; ‘she’s very bossy’; ‘he’s a real extrovert’. Whether our start in life has been positive or more difficult, this will affect the way our basic personality develops.

Elements of Success was created in 2007 specifically for school and college aged pupils and builds practical and positive foundations for developing the life skills required for their future. Students discover a clear idea of their strengths and weaknesses and the areas where they will thrive and struggle as they aim to reach their goals. This level of awareness proves vital as they set about making choices now about their education, career and relationships.

The course includes:

  • Modules supported by objectives, discussion materials and activities
  • The importance of understanding your own personality and how you make an impact in teams and groups both socially and professionally
  • Taking some time out amid academic and social pressures to understand yourself and what makes you tick.
  • A similar programme has recently been adopted at Harvard University 

For Schools and other organisations


Get the children involved too!


We visit schools and other organisations and run fun, informal sessions to help teachers, parents and other professionals understand their children’s personality type and learn how this knowledge can equip them to improve family and school relationships and provide each child with the confidence they need to live fulfilled lives.


We also offer a session for the children simultaneously, where through games, activities and crafts they can explore different characters from a story and find out how all their different personalities have something wonderful to offer. Parents, carers, teachers and children then have a new language to help their relationships and understanding of each other.


Birkdale School, Sheffield


We were intrigued by ‘Elements of Success’ and invited Ruth to present her programme to our business studies group. After going through the material, our students, who are not easily impressed it has to be said, suggested that the whole of the sixth form, and indeed the whole school, would benefit. As a result, we have already extended the programme to the sixth form over the next few months. The benefits I saw, were that by the end of the session, each student had a new clarity on their own personality and style, a clear understanding of the importance of teams as well as a personal mission statement- all vital in business, especially for those who plan to become entrepreneurs.” Kathy McKay, Head of Business and Enterprise, Birkdale School,  Sheffield


Whitgift Academy, Grimsby


Ruth Adams from In Your Element came into school one day each week for a year as part of the Inspiring Communities Project, working with small groups of students from the gifted and talented to those with specific challenges. The feedback from the students was 100% positive with most requesting more and longer sessions with Ruth. The aspirations of all students were raised as they learnt more about their individual strengths, created a personal mission statement (this was powerful and inspiring to see) and then created an exciting vision for their futures. Students with anger issues learnt helpful strategies to manage their rage while those who were unable to engage in the classroom found a place where they could excel as they considered their particular gifts and talents and how best to use them in the future. I would wholeheartedly recommend IYE and their excellent, professional and highly successful programmes. Clare Glaves, Assistant Principal,  John WhitgiftAcademy, Grimsby



Students find that the knowledge about their personalities is invaluable and ensures they choose the best courses and careers for their temperament. Having a written purpose and a clear goal for the future means they are less likely to drop out of courses early.

'Inspirational, effective, inspiring and upbeat. A great experience all will enjoy and a great way tho find truly who you really are.' Psychology Student, Sheffield Hallam, Venture Matrix

'Fabulous! Really motivated me to focus on what I want out of life in the future and I found it very useful to know what element I am. It was really helpful to clarify and write out my goals as I can now see really clearly what I am aiming for.' 6th Form, King Egbert's School, Sheffield - Y12 Induction Day