Understanding a Child's Personality and the Impact on Learning and Behaviour 

All children are different and this impacts on learning, behaviour, school, friendships, play and life in general.

At In Your Element we are passionate about helping parents, carers and teachers to understand and appreciate the unique personalities of the children they live and work with, along with the strengths and challenges of each one.

This can help address some of the problems that families and teachers face on a day to day basis and a new appreciation of ‘difference’ emerges.

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For organisations and families


We visit families and organisations and run fun, informal sessions to help parents and other professionals understand their children’s personality type and learn how this knowledge can equip them to improve family relationships and provide each child with the confidence they need to live fulfilled lives.


Get the children involved too!


We also offer a session for the children simultaneously, where through games, activities and crafts they can explore different characters from a story and find out how all their different personalities have something wonderful to offer. Parents, carers, teachers and children then have a new language to help their relationships and understanding of each other.



Our work with families either face to face or via Skype creates more harmonious relationships as each person understands the different personality traits of the other members and has a new language to help diffuse daily irritations and challenges.

'Thank you Ruth for coming and working with our family. We are all happier now and it's all down to you' Polly, 12 - Derbyshire




Many parents struggle to know the best way to advise and support their children with career options, peer pressure and their future in a fast changing world. As we help them appreciate their natural strengths and characteristics, create goals and an exciting vision for the future major life decisions become easier to make together.

'Ruth and Beth worked with six members of our family and the sessions made a huge difference both to us individually and as a group. Highly recommended.' TS, East Yorkshire