Are you in your element?

It's been said that understanding yourself is the key to success both in work and personal relationships so a great place to begin to ensure you're in your element would be to understand more about your own communication style, strengths and motivations to make sure the future has more of what you want and less of what you don't.


I have a secret;
I'm a compulsive people watcher

Whether in the supermarket or Starbucks I’ll spot an individual and imagine a life and personality for them in just a few seconds. I’ve no idea how often I’m right, because we can all portray a very different image on the outside to what’s going on inside but it’s a fun way of passing the time while I’m waiting for a train or sitting in a traffic queue. Any amateur people watcher is aware of how varied we all are as human beings and it’s often these differences that cause the difficulties in our personal and work relationships.

Diversity, after all is one of our society’s current concerns; millions of pounds are poured into training on issues of age, gender, race and religion yet it seems that with all the talk of diversity, one important area is overlooked, differences in personality.

Way back as far as 460 BC, this was big business. Hippocrates realised that people could be identified into four specific groups to describe them and what Hippocrates began is the basis of much of what is used today in the many of the different communication tools which are available.


But why? What’s it all about? Happiness? Fulfilment?

In his book, ‘The Element’, Sir Ken Robinson says, ‘When people are in their element they connect with something fundamental to their sense of identity, purpose and well-being. Being there provides a sense of self revelation, of defining who they really are and what they’re really meant to be doing with their lives’.


That sounds pretty good at any time but… how can we do it?

In IYE we'll help you whether you're an individual, part of any workplace team, a parent, young person or part of a family, to understand your own unique strengths, communication style and challenges and look at how they respond to a variety of different situations from Action, Adventure and Anger to Fun, Learning, Stress and Success and then compare this to the way your colleagues, friends or family may react. This simple and fun profile has literally transformed the lives, relationships and careers of hundreds of people.

We'll give you the tools that allow you, your team or your family to look at Personality, Purpose and Passion.  Starting with your personality type and communication style, you can go on to discover your personal mission. It's easy and fun and for most people it's an 'ah-ha' moment as it gives a clearly defined reason for being against which it's possible to measure 'success'. Ruth’s is 'to inspire, communicate and unlock freedom and possibility in myself and others’ and this drives everything she does.


Then on to our Vision – what is yours?

A few simple exercises can help most people unlock a host of creative ideas and goals they’d like achieve within a specific timeframe. A vision board, a dream book, some visualisation – there are lots of different options and everyone finds it life changing.

Increasingly families and schools are using the ‘elements’ as a way of understanding their children’s personality and the impact this has on learning, behaviour and social interactions.