Elemental Courses and Coaching

For many years IYE has run exciting, effective courses and away days for companies, groups and organisations. These sessions energise the team, create new ways of relating and help define team values and goals. Most people refer to the day as 'transformational - for every area of life'.


elemental coaching

The late Jim Rohn said: ‘Work hard on your job but work harder on yourself’ – and this is the basis of our unique IYE coaching package. We offer three initial sessions covering personality, purpose and passion which includes creating personal goals and a clear vision for the future. With tangible practical 'take aways' from each session many people find this is enough to clarify and illuminate the way ahead. Further sessions can then be added as required. Coaching is held either face tho face or via Skype.


Companies are using IYE to profile all interviewees prior to a job interview and this provides managers with insights that are often not evident at a face to face meeting, making the interview and hiring process more effective.



Including the main elements of IYE along with some great additional resources this is a relationship MOT which is fun, enlightening and allows couples to rediscover and build on the strengths of their relationship. 

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The Alt-date-night is a mini One:Retreat held regularly in London - let us know if you want us to bring it to your area. 

Full details are available at oneretreat.co.uk/alt-date-night